Summit 2018


Superb, Superb, Superb in every way. Absolutely five star! Been to many, many conferences over the years but have NEVER been to one that pulled out all the stops from a standpoint of the caliber of speakers and content, the venue selection and the awesome manner in which Legacy Research hosted this event.

But I would be so VERY remiss not to specifically mention and compliment on those incredible “spreads” of food and drink. The fact that you not only fed us breakfast and lunch but evening cocktail parties every day with the most wonderfully lavish buffets has to be one of the things that was over the top in excellence and that everyone we spoke with, without exception, raved about.

As a career CFO, I can’t begin to guess what those food and drinks cost except to sum up as “Plenty Expensive” and note that I was blown away.

This Summit wasn’t just a learning experience but turned into a lovely mini vacation. Your organization’s effort and the unsurpassed result was truly first class and sincerely appreciated. I can’t layer on any more superlatives to make my points and simply will end with, “Thank you all for a most enjoyable event.” See you next year! – Ann

You guys put on an awesome conference. I have never been treated so good. Thank you.

This was the best conference I’ve attended. Everyone involved did an incredible job. I’m looking forward to the next one!

It was one of the best conferences that I have attended. It was well organized. The food was great. Most of all, the caliber of the speakers was excellent.